Changelog 3/11/18

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    Changelog 3/11/18

    Hi everyone! We're around a week now into BuzzMC being open, we're so happy that you
    guys have been enjoying all the features that the server has to offer. We also hope you guys
    are ready for the upcoming community events and YouTube videos we have planned in the
    very near future ;)

    Now for the point of this post, we've decided it would be a good idea to keep all of you in the
    loop with changes and bug fixes we've made to the server, we'll update you guys weekly on what's
    going on behind the scenes.


    BuzzBot has been updated in Discord to fit the new server ranks.
    Disabled chat formatting for ranks that shouldn't have it
    Fixed issue where users with Bee rank were unable to use colored chat


    Island settings can now be edited with /is settings
    PVP mechanics were reverted to 1.8 with no cooldowns
    Fixed issue where Pollen rank users could not mine spawners
    Nether Bricks, Acacia, Dark Oak added to the /shop
    Fixed issue where listing current items would not work in the Auction system
    /mctop will now respond in chat instead of the scoreboard
    Fishing Rods no longer bypass safezone restrictions
    Disabled pets within the PVP arena due to anticheat false positives
    Teleportation within the PVP arena has been disabled
    Water and Lava buckets will no longer stack
    An example on how to use chest shops has been added to spawn
    Fixed issue where crate keys were being wiped when put into playervaults
    Factions related custom enchants have been removed
    Crates were revamped to include more useful items
    Players can now make ChestShops
    Gold ore generator has been fixed


    Fixed issue where certain ranks could fly in games
    Added a PVP logging system that punishes you for leaving during combat
    Fixed issue where certain messages would show up with incorrect formatting
    Building in deathmatches has been disabled
    Anticheat has been adjusted to fix rubber banding and block lag

    Speed UHC

    Skeletons now have an increased drop rate for bow and arrows
    Zombies now have a chance to drop armor/weapons
    Border has been increased to 500x500

    Flower Power

    Flowers will now drop a larger variety of items

    Thank you everyone for reporting these bugs and issues to us!
    You can contribute to the server by reporting issues at the following link:

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