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  1. Eggo

    IGN: EggoEva

    I don't have really anything in specific that's important with my halloween theme, but I'm thinking of adding a storyline to one part of it so if I do then I'll put down signs saying what it is owowo
  2. keiraM

    ign : ShaneThePig<333 my build is a pumpkin with a witch hat... idk
  3. IGN's: Jaredny1000 and hermie127

    Many people have worked on this build. Its not done yet but it will be done by the deadline. There is a haunted house and mini games that are halloweeny. We prefer if you change it to night when you on our island. Also the halloween build is on the bottom floor.
  4. I changed my name! It is now spookySqphie!
  5. hey! I made a (cheesy :p) haunted house on my island! lol hehe hope you come see it!
    IGN: PowerUpN64
  6. My warp is /is warp nashisaway
    It's a massive Jack 'o Lantern as well as a small spooky halloween town. :)
    It's my entry for the comp!
  7. yes..........
  8. heyimbeeismymom 's plot!!! Me (Steven) and my friend Amy built a halloweenie area.. hope you can check it out!! <3 p.s. I don't know if it'll be finished in time RIP..
  9. Ign: ElementalGalaxy My build isn't that grand but I hope you like it! <3
  10. lyssaa

    IGN: Dead_Sometimes Do /is warp lyssaa.
  11. CAT


    #72 CAT, Oct 26, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
    idk man my "halloween" build is kinda mediocre but hey u can check it out @ /is warp davicat for a bhad haunted house ig
  12. IGN: steventhevegan I built on my heyimbeeismymom 's plot!! Just do /is warp steventhevegan to look at a sub-par witches house!! xo stay scary boo
  13. ign: frapian /is warp frapian
    its basically a witch's place kind of thing lol, theres a crow and yah
    sorry for the messy background, couldn't really place is anywhere else :(
    it's better if you walk around and fly a little.
    if you like it, check out my other build right next to it lololol !!!!!!! happy halloween
  14. Claudia

    Junior Moderator

    Build competition is over!
    Thank you to everyone who entered the build competition and dedicated their time building. It is greatly appreciated. Have a nice day.

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