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  1. Hi, I am Nash. My username on Minecraft and BuzzMC is nashisaway.
    You may or may not know me but I have been on BuzzMC since October last year, but I am writing an introduction since I have never written one.
    I am actually not sure what to write here but I guess I introduce myself (Lol)
    I am male although for some reason I have been called "she" on minecraft servers (still don't know why)
    I live in Australia (No, I don't ride a Kangaroo to school or have a Koala as a pet)
    I liked watching Stranger Things which is why my skin is Dustin on Minecraft
    I sometimes play The Sims 4 as well as Minecraft
    And that's all I can think of writing in my "Introduction"
    I hope some of you learned some stuff about me
    -nashisaway (although I am not always away)
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  2. Zac

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    hello nash xox
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  3. Dead_Sometimes

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    Hewwwo nash
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  4. Payton

    stranger things is great !! my skin is based off eleven (and cape)
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