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    Server Rules

    To keep the server fun and fair for everybody there are certain rules we expect players to follow,
    failure to follow these rules can result in disciplinary actions being taken on your account;
    so read them carefully!

    1. No mods that give an unfair advantage in gameplay are permitted, including
    those that carry out actions while you are AFK.

    2. Advertising other servers & communities on our server and forum is not allowed.

    3. Don't spam the chat by sending messages too frequently and more than necessary.

    4. Respect your fellow players. Don't cause arguments with people, don't leak personal
    information, don't harass people, or intentionally cause any unrest in our community.

    5. Any bugs or glitches in the server should be reported to us immediately without
    exploiting them for personal gain.

    6. Don't share any NSFW content such as nudity or other shock images in our
    community, we have players of all ages.

    7. Don't trick, mislead or scam other players for their in-game money/items.

    The server moderators reserve the right to discipline players for rules violations that are
    not included in this list, this list is intended as a general guide to behaviors that are not allowed.​
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