The Forums Are Dead... Like Me.

Discussion in 'Random Posts' started by Pug ♡, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Yeaaaaa... This is random.
  2. I think this entire server is dead ;-;
    Online store's still not working and not many people are joining (SkyBlock does get boring after some time, they should add UHC soon, but it takes a pretty long time)
  3. Claudia

    Junior Moderator

    Hello, @Pug ♡ and @Matscraft
    We understand that the server may be lacking but exciting things are coming soon to the server! The reason, why nothing is being updated, is because there have been some slight bumps in the process which has taken it to be longer for updates to happen on the server. Though I can assure you, updates will be happening on the server soon. Have a good day!

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