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Discussion in 'Answered Questions' started by Boostinq, Mar 4, 2018.

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  1. Could you get the rank if you were a twitch streamer with 10k followers? I don't have that many but it's just a question I'm wondering about, thanks. ^_^
  2. Tyler


    Hello @Boostinq,

    Currently, the format is set up if you have a YouTube channel, not a Twitch channel, so as of right now I believe only the VIP rank is reserved for YouTubers only at this point in time. Though, if you really want to apply for the VIP rank, you may do so. Just note, that the chances of getting the rank may be low as I said above the format is set up for YouTubers, not Twitch. I hope I answered your question, if you have any more questions/concerns feel free to contact me, and I will try my best to respond to you.

    ''Your username:
    Link to your YT channel:
    Subscriber count:
    Avg views per video:
    Link to video made on BuzzMC:''

    Have a nice day/night. Have any further questions? Feel free to contact me or another staff member, we will be delighted to help you out. Stay safe! :)

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